Monday, October 6, 2008

Baby's First Wedding!

This past weekend we traveled to Huntington, Indiana for Brian Niec's wedding. We got to meet up with many of our college friends, who all live so far away it's just not fair! Especially because they're fun.

Although I was very excited to see old friends, I was also a little nervous going into the weekend, for 2 reasons:

1. We drove. The whole way. Turns out Huntington, Indiana is about 11 hours from my house. Add in the time spent stopping to see relatives and friends in Chicago and you come up with a grand total of nearly 24 hours in a car, in just 3 days. Together. Just the 2 of us. Luckily, I can report that we still actually like each other. But no baby names yet - sorry! (We did, however, cross one name off the list: Patrick Francis Jr. One down, so many more to go...)

2. It was my first sober wedding in many many years.

But all of us - Patrick, Baby Spud, and I - had a great time.

As it turns out, there are several great things about being pregnant at a wedding, despite the fact that I can't drink my favorite beverage of all times - Champagne! I got to indulge in 2 (okay 3) pieces of yummy carrot cake! And no one even gave me a second look. I also got more compliments on how great I look than I ever have in my life. And - best of all - I got to be the person who remembered all the funny parts of the reception. Did you know that watching your drunk friends dance can entertain you for hours? (Especially since they all have the same dance moves as they showed off at college parties 5 years ago!)

It was a lovely wedding and we're glad we made the trip. Even baby got some dancing in! Let's hope he has better moves than his daddy.

Before heading to Indiana, we stopped in Chicago on Friday. We stopped at my cousin's house for a few hours and got to visit with several members of my extended family, including my Grandma! Also there - all 4 of my cousin's daughters. Patrick seemed to be a little overwhelmed for the first 15 minutes, then breathed a huge sigh of relief when he remembered...thank God, we're having a boy!


Nelson Family said...

Such a cute post! It was great to see you guys! Glad you made it home safely :)


Tim said...

Kate (and Pat) - found your blog through the Nelsons. Laura and I are NOT pregnant, but have a blog anyway. We're at - you'll find the link to your page under "Pat Byron Procreation" right next to "Stuff White People Like."

Seriously though - congratulations! You have a whole lot to be excited about!