Thursday, July 9, 2009


My little baby has gotten big. No joke - Connor had his 4 month check-up today and weighed in at the 95th percentile: 2 ounces shy of 18 pounds! (This from the child who was 6 pounds, 3 ounces the day we got home from the hospital…) Luckily, he's starting to stretch, too - he's now 26 inches long. As the doctor said, Connor is one tall JUG of water!

We've had lots of fun with Connor these past couple months. He's become so alert and aware. He still LOVES his mama, but also likes spending time with his daddy, his Auntie Nanny Jena, all his cousins and aunts & uncles, and his grandparents. Since it's been quite a while since the last update, here's the latest in the life of Connor:


*Connor loves to cuddle with his monkey lovey as he nods off. And by cuddle, I mean rub it on his face and cover his eyes.

*Recent trips to the lake house have proven that Grandpa Cici has the magic touch when nothing else works. It involves about 30 minutes of walking laps through the house while Connor "sings" himself to sleep. Unfortunately, Connor's musical ability seems to be leaning towards Patrick's side, as the humming sounds is more like a monotone groan.

*Connor still does amazingly well in the car. When he's not sleeping in his car seat, he's playing with his toys or watching the world through his shaded window.

*Last night Connor slept for 7 hours. In a row. Woo hoo!


*A child doesn't nearly triple his weight in 4 months by not eating well. 'Nuff said.

*Next up: solid foods. The doctor okayed Connor to start having cereal, fruit, and veggies. Stay tuned for those updates!


*Next month Connor will be making his first international trip – he’ll be accompanying his mama and daddy to France! His passport arrived a couple days ago and the picture is totally ridiculous. He could easily pass for a 70-year old pudgy man.

*We’ll have one more trial airplane trip before France – Mama and Connor will be going to North Carolina in a couple weeks to see his Grammy & Grampa and finally meet the rest of his aunts and uncles.

*Luckily for us, Connor is (so far) a great traveler. Here are some of the places we’ve been these last few months:

~Chicago, IL: We celebrated KK’s 21st birthday in the Windy City with Grammy, David, Karyn, and Nate.

~Stoughton, WI: Karyn, Nate, and KK babysat while Mama and Daddy went to Jon’s wedding near Milwaukee.

~Elysian, MN: our favorite summer weekend get-away. Plus, we get to spend time with the cousins and the grandparents!


*Connor is a water baby – baths, pools, lakes...he loves it all. Boat rides are a different story entirely. The life jacket he has to wear doesn’t quite suit him, so Mama and Daddy have to either time it so that he’s napping or sneak away while Grandma & Grandpa play with him for a bit.

*Exersaucer / Bouncer/ Stationery Entertainer…Why don’t they have a cute, easy name? Regardless...Yay! Connor gets to stretch his legs, spin in circles, and play with a whole bunch of toys. What could be more fun?!

*He may or may not be teething, but Connor certainly loves to chew on everything. Rattles, blankets, toys, his hands, Mama’s hair…everything!

Connor continues to keep our home filled with joy. Each day brings new discoveries, new smiles, and new giggles.

ps - Happy Birthday Patrick!