Saturday, March 28, 2009

One Month Old!

How is it possible that a whole month has already gone by? My little potato has grown and changed so much in just 4 fast weeks. He's gone from being the most mellow and cry-free baby that charmed all the hospital nurses to a grunting gas machine who really seems to despise his changing table.

He's also definitely put on some weight, as is evident by the extra-chubby cheeks & multiple chins!

Connor loves his bath time - the whole process, from cleaning to drying. He doesn't splash too much yet, but seems content to spend as much time in the tub as we'll allow.

It's been warm enough on two occasions for us to take a walk outside with Connor in the Moby - which he loves! We've also ventured out of our neighborhood to visit some stores and some friends.

We've been very happy to have lots of visitors so far. Connor still remains a pretty mellow baby overall and likes being held by anyone who'll have him. (Although he certainly LOVES his Mama...just ask Daddy!!)

I'm excited to see how much he'll change in the next month, but am certainly in NO rush for those weeks to go by. Before I know it, my little potato will be a tater tot!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grandma Love

Thank God for Grandmas!

Both my mom and Patrick's mom have been able to spend time with us at our house over the past week and a half - and we couldn't be more happy to have them! From the baby holding and diaper-changing, to the cleaning and cooking, to the basic reassurances that I'm doing things "right", they've been invaluable.

And, of course, Connor has been super happy to have expert baby-holders around!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

He's Here!

After months of anxious waiting, our little boy has arrived. And Patrick and I are totally in love with him.
May I present: Connor Patrick Byron.
Below are a few pictures...need I say much more?

He's obviously adorable, but also the sweetest little guy ever. "They call him Mellow Yellow..." All the nurses at the hospital were smitten with him. And his hat.

Luckily, my mom is in town now, supplying me with plenty of sit-and-stare time and nap time. (Along with yummy dinners that appear like magic on the table. Nice.)
Patrick's mom will be in next week, so we're all going to be 100% spoiled by the time Connor is just a few weeks old. We are SO blessed!