Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yesterday you were showing me some new moves. Both involved tables.

The first, I will call the "Stretch until my fingers can no longer barely touch the table, then walk my feet forward" move. This is how it goes:

Remember that fun play table we got to bring home from your cousin's house? The one with the cool ball popper on top? Well, you're totally over it. Well, at least over using it for its intended purpose. Because, really, that's so yesterday. Instead, you choose to push it all across our floor. Which is a problem for two reasons.
1: our carpet is not smooth, so there's a lot of friction and the table ends up kind of walking across the floor.
2: our other floor is hardwood and SUPER smooth, so there's NO friction and the table just slips across the floor. [Just imagine what happens when you transition from the carpet to the skating anyone?!]

Despite the lack of perfect flooring, you persevere. You pull yourself up to standing by holding onto the table, give the ball popper a push or two for good measure, then start pushing it. Your feet stay firmly planted on those sturdy legs of yours, and you push that table. As far as you can. Until your fingers are j u s t b a r e l y t o u c h i n g and mama is convinced that this time! for sure! you're gonna fall. AND THEN! you calmly (and impressively, because really, where is your center of gravity??) walk your feet forward to the table. And then repeat.

The second is really much simpler. To describe. I'm in no way trying to diminish your skills. This one, I'll call "I really do wish my name was Mabel".

Here's how it goes: You start by standing up on the couch, pounding on all the surfaces to make sure they are, in fact, still soft and cushiony. You then reach over the side of the couch and place your hands on the coolest-most-fun-ever-because-that's-where-mama-tries-to-hide-her-i phone-and-TV remote-and-computer side table. You then, rather brusquely, I might add, sweep all of the aforementioned paraphernalia onto the floor. Next, you start wiggling your tummy onto the side arm of the couch while your little feet push against any surfaces they can can find so that - finally! - you propel yourself over the side of the couch and onto the top of the side table. At which point you look at me and smile. "Yay! I did it. Now can you please hand me the i phone, remote, and computer, please?"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Summertime Fun!

I can hardly believe summer’s almost over. It’s been a busy and fast summer.

We’ve done lots of traveling since the last update…
*Two trips to North Carolina to visit Ama and Papa and the aunties and uncles – and even GG!:

*A quick couple days “up north” to Gull Lake:

*A lovely (and hot) week in France for Maureen’s wedding:

*A relaxing weekend in Eau Claire:

We’ve also had some fun at home too:
*A new nanny while Mama goes to work ALLDAYEVERYDAY who likes to take funny pictures of the little man:

*A trip to the ER for what turned out to be a minor infection (much to his Daddy’s relief!):

*New baby tricks: LOTS of sounds and “words”, sitting up like a champ, scooching and twisting to get his favorite toys, standing as he holds onto the table, and giving High Five. My baby’s getting big!

And the fun won’t stop, either. Our kitchen is being completely renovated, Connor is signed up for water babies swim classes, and Ama will be visiting in October. So stay tuned…

Thursday, July 9, 2009


My little baby has gotten big. No joke - Connor had his 4 month check-up today and weighed in at the 95th percentile: 2 ounces shy of 18 pounds! (This from the child who was 6 pounds, 3 ounces the day we got home from the hospital…) Luckily, he's starting to stretch, too - he's now 26 inches long. As the doctor said, Connor is one tall JUG of water!

We've had lots of fun with Connor these past couple months. He's become so alert and aware. He still LOVES his mama, but also likes spending time with his daddy, his Auntie Nanny Jena, all his cousins and aunts & uncles, and his grandparents. Since it's been quite a while since the last update, here's the latest in the life of Connor:


*Connor loves to cuddle with his monkey lovey as he nods off. And by cuddle, I mean rub it on his face and cover his eyes.

*Recent trips to the lake house have proven that Grandpa Cici has the magic touch when nothing else works. It involves about 30 minutes of walking laps through the house while Connor "sings" himself to sleep. Unfortunately, Connor's musical ability seems to be leaning towards Patrick's side, as the humming sounds is more like a monotone groan.

*Connor still does amazingly well in the car. When he's not sleeping in his car seat, he's playing with his toys or watching the world through his shaded window.

*Last night Connor slept for 7 hours. In a row. Woo hoo!


*A child doesn't nearly triple his weight in 4 months by not eating well. 'Nuff said.

*Next up: solid foods. The doctor okayed Connor to start having cereal, fruit, and veggies. Stay tuned for those updates!


*Next month Connor will be making his first international trip – he’ll be accompanying his mama and daddy to France! His passport arrived a couple days ago and the picture is totally ridiculous. He could easily pass for a 70-year old pudgy man.

*We’ll have one more trial airplane trip before France – Mama and Connor will be going to North Carolina in a couple weeks to see his Grammy & Grampa and finally meet the rest of his aunts and uncles.

*Luckily for us, Connor is (so far) a great traveler. Here are some of the places we’ve been these last few months:

~Chicago, IL: We celebrated KK’s 21st birthday in the Windy City with Grammy, David, Karyn, and Nate.

~Stoughton, WI: Karyn, Nate, and KK babysat while Mama and Daddy went to Jon’s wedding near Milwaukee.

~Elysian, MN: our favorite summer weekend get-away. Plus, we get to spend time with the cousins and the grandparents!


*Connor is a water baby – baths, pools, lakes...he loves it all. Boat rides are a different story entirely. The life jacket he has to wear doesn’t quite suit him, so Mama and Daddy have to either time it so that he’s napping or sneak away while Grandma & Grandpa play with him for a bit.

*Exersaucer / Bouncer/ Stationery Entertainer…Why don’t they have a cute, easy name? Regardless...Yay! Connor gets to stretch his legs, spin in circles, and play with a whole bunch of toys. What could be more fun?!

*He may or may not be teething, but Connor certainly loves to chew on everything. Rattles, blankets, toys, his hands, Mama’s hair…everything!

Connor continues to keep our home filled with joy. Each day brings new discoveries, new smiles, and new giggles.

ps - Happy Birthday Patrick!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby Talk

Last night Connor slept from 9:30 pm – 2:45 am. That’s 5 hours, people. For the third night in a row. Dare I say we’ve turned a corner??

He then went back to sleep until 6 am; and when I went into his room he looked up at me with his bright blue eyes and a perma-grin on his chubby face. So I had no choice but to bring him back into my bed. He spent the next hour looking around and talking. This is what he had to say:

"Oooh…I’m so happy I get to come into your room! Your bed is soft. And warm. Hey look – my hands! I have two of them. And I can fold them together. Isn’t that great?

Hey wait – you have an awesome window in here! It’s so…geometric. And brown. And there’s a tiny bit of light coming in through the bottom! I LOVE this window!! Maybe if I kick my legs extra hard and swing my arms extra fast I’ll be able to get closer to the window…hmm…or not. Hey did I mention I have two super cool hands?!

WAIT A MINUTE. You have ANOTHER window in here?! How did I not notice this before? (Stares at window for one full minute without moving.) I’m not so sure I like this window as much. It’s bigger, sure, but farther away. There’s absolutely NO way I’ll be able to get closer to it by kicking and swinging my arms.

Good thing I have my two hands close by. I wonder how they taste. Hm. Not great.

Oh look! I found the AWESOME window again. How is it still not closer? I’ve been working so hard to get closer.

Hey Mama – I’m hungry now.

And so…so…sleepy."

Nap time!

All 13 pounds of chubby cuteness that is Connor.

Obviously, the AWESOME window.

Super-fast and ready to move!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

One Month Old!

How is it possible that a whole month has already gone by? My little potato has grown and changed so much in just 4 fast weeks. He's gone from being the most mellow and cry-free baby that charmed all the hospital nurses to a grunting gas machine who really seems to despise his changing table.

He's also definitely put on some weight, as is evident by the extra-chubby cheeks & multiple chins!

Connor loves his bath time - the whole process, from cleaning to drying. He doesn't splash too much yet, but seems content to spend as much time in the tub as we'll allow.

It's been warm enough on two occasions for us to take a walk outside with Connor in the Moby - which he loves! We've also ventured out of our neighborhood to visit some stores and some friends.

We've been very happy to have lots of visitors so far. Connor still remains a pretty mellow baby overall and likes being held by anyone who'll have him. (Although he certainly LOVES his Mama...just ask Daddy!!)

I'm excited to see how much he'll change in the next month, but am certainly in NO rush for those weeks to go by. Before I know it, my little potato will be a tater tot!