Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yesterday you were showing me some new moves. Both involved tables.

The first, I will call the "Stretch until my fingers can no longer barely touch the table, then walk my feet forward" move. This is how it goes:

Remember that fun play table we got to bring home from your cousin's house? The one with the cool ball popper on top? Well, you're totally over it. Well, at least over using it for its intended purpose. Because, really, that's so yesterday. Instead, you choose to push it all across our floor. Which is a problem for two reasons.
1: our carpet is not smooth, so there's a lot of friction and the table ends up kind of walking across the floor.
2: our other floor is hardwood and SUPER smooth, so there's NO friction and the table just slips across the floor. [Just imagine what happens when you transition from the carpet to the skating anyone?!]

Despite the lack of perfect flooring, you persevere. You pull yourself up to standing by holding onto the table, give the ball popper a push or two for good measure, then start pushing it. Your feet stay firmly planted on those sturdy legs of yours, and you push that table. As far as you can. Until your fingers are j u s t b a r e l y t o u c h i n g and mama is convinced that this time! for sure! you're gonna fall. AND THEN! you calmly (and impressively, because really, where is your center of gravity??) walk your feet forward to the table. And then repeat.

The second is really much simpler. To describe. I'm in no way trying to diminish your skills. This one, I'll call "I really do wish my name was Mabel".

Here's how it goes: You start by standing up on the couch, pounding on all the surfaces to make sure they are, in fact, still soft and cushiony. You then reach over the side of the couch and place your hands on the coolest-most-fun-ever-because-that's-where-mama-tries-to-hide-her-i phone-and-TV remote-and-computer side table. You then, rather brusquely, I might add, sweep all of the aforementioned paraphernalia onto the floor. Next, you start wiggling your tummy onto the side arm of the couch while your little feet push against any surfaces they can can find so that - finally! - you propel yourself over the side of the couch and onto the top of the side table. At which point you look at me and smile. "Yay! I did it. Now can you please hand me the i phone, remote, and computer, please?"