Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Bump

Due to popular demand, here's a belly bump update. I would post a typical belly pic, but honestly, that would just be belly is now officially beyond the point of being cute!

But I still get a kick out of feeling the little kiddo moving around inside there. Today I felt what I think is his arm and tiny hand. I think he's gonna be a tiny little baby! Either that, or I've just forgotten how little these babies really are right away.

9 more days!

ps - the hat isn't because it's too cold in my's because I no longer have to go into work, and therefore don't shower until at least early evening!!! At least I'm not in my pajamas!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Almost there!

My due date is now just under 2 weeks away...and my scheduled c-section is just 10 days away! Yep - as it turns out, Spud is quite happy with his little head tucked away under my right rib cage, meaning he's in a breech position. Hours of doing downward dog, toe touches, and other rightfully un-named upside down stretches, combined with an external version attempt by our doctor, have yielded no results. This baby is very content to remain where he is. So, we've scheduled a cesarean for Saturday, February 28. Of course, the little tater tot could change his mind - and position - before then, in which case, all our [new] plans will go out the window. But as it stands now, we're planning to have our new baby boy with us by the end of the month.

Both Patrick and I are extremely anxious to finally meet the little guy. I especially can't wait to meet him, as it means his little feet will no longer be kicking my bladder 24 hours a day! On the other hand, it'll be strange to no longer have him with me all day and all night.

Whenever he does decide to make his entrance into the world, we'll be ready for him. I'm sure there are still things we'll need, but at the moment I can't come up with a single one!

Luckily, I have plenty of time over the next couple weeks to ensure we have everything we need. Today through Friday I work from home before officially starting on maternity leave, effective February 23. I’m pretty sure I won’t go crazy finding things to keep myself occupied…on my list is cleaning and re-cleaning, starting a book (or 2…), and preparing some meals for when we get home. Oh, and sleeping…I’ve heard I might want to do as much of that now as I can!

Of course, I’ll keep you all updated if anything comes up over the next couple weeks. At the very least, look for an update on or soon after February 28!