Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Bump

Due to popular demand, here's a belly bump update. I would post a typical belly pic, but honestly, that would just be belly is now officially beyond the point of being cute!

But I still get a kick out of feeling the little kiddo moving around inside there. Today I felt what I think is his arm and tiny hand. I think he's gonna be a tiny little baby! Either that, or I've just forgotten how little these babies really are right away.

9 more days!

ps - the hat isn't because it's too cold in my's because I no longer have to go into work, and therefore don't shower until at least early evening!!! At least I'm not in my pajamas!


Steff said...

I know you feel huge, and are comparatively huge- but you still look really really cute. It used to bother me to no end when people would tell me I was still so tiny, so I won't do that to you. Just enjoy it- take lots of pictures and cherish the time. I really was huge by the 4th time, so I wish I had more pics of the 1st time!
You look adorable- enjoy the time, and know we are continuing to pray for you, Patrick and Spud.

Krissy said...

You look how I WANTED to look pregnant - super adorable!!!!!
Can't wait to hear all the details of Saturday and see pictures!!!