Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pregnancy - In 2 Lists

I'm now about 22 weeks pregnant - pregnant enough that I've come up with quite a list of things that I LOVE about being pregnant. (And, of course, a bit of a list of things that aren't so much fun...) Read on:

Things I Love:
  • Feeling Baby Spud move. It doesn't happen too often yet, but he had the hiccups last week, which made up for all the days when I don't feel him at all. And he especially seems to like his daddy, as he moves a ton anytime Patrick puts his hand on my belly.
  • Milkshakes. Strawberry. Yum!
  • Baby things. As much as I try not to (for the sake of my bank account), I can't help but love looking at baby things. Strollers, furniture, blankets, clothes, toys - everything!
  • Soft baby blankets. Already mentioned above, I know, but worth calling out again for just how impossibly soft those blankets are!
  • Stretchy waist maternity pants. Not exactly the most flattering thing ever, but they sure do feel good on my belly. Especially after a late-night milkshake...or 2!
  • 25+ names on the baby list. Since we crossed "Patrick" off the name list, there aren't any that Patrick and I feel strongly enough about to disagree on. Of course, we also don't feel strongly enough about any to narrow the list down at all, but that can be done later. Right?
  • Baby bump belts at maternity stores. It's so much fun to tie the bump on top of my current 5-month bump and imagine just how big I'll be in a couple more months! I could be frighteningly huge!
  • 4 more months. I'm looking forward to the remainder of the pregnancy - getting bigger, setting up the nursery, teaching Patrick to change a diaper...Thank God we still have months to go!

Things I don't so much Love:

  • Registry lists. Walk into a Babies R Us and mention you're starting to work on a baby registry and you'll be given a checklist with 100 items on it. 100 items that you must get in order to be a good mother. Right.
  • Maternity clothing options. Why must there be so few affordable options that are cute, stylish, and normal??
  • Anxiety. Every single day I worry that something might go wrong with the pregnancy. I live for my doctor's appointment each month when I can hear the sound of the heartbeat and be assured and re-assured that everything is going perfectly.
  • Pregnancy skin. Dry and prone to break-outs. Every book I read reassures me that it'll go away again once the baby is born. But in the meantime, I'm trying every single bottle of skincare cleanser, lotion, etc. that I can get my hands on. I'm so not used to this!

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