Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halfway There!

Well...I'm now 20 weeks pregnant. The halfway point. Which means I've got only 20 more weeks to go. And still so much to do. I finished cleaning out the baby room today. Actually, I finished starting to clean out the baby room. Next comes the fun part - decorating! My goal is to have the room mostly finished by Christmas. That seems doable, no? I guess it's only doable if I actually start filling the room. Soon....

I went back last week for the second round of anatomy scans. Baby Spud cooperated perfectly, showing his pretty spinal cord and skull the entire time. The technician tried to take another cute baby face picture for me to share with you all, but Spud was adamant in performing his job (as I made sure to remind him all week: just show the nice lady your back, baby, please?).
I've started wearing some of the maternity pants my mom gave me a few weeks ago. They're definitely comfortable (especially after the super-sized steak dinner I had with work last week...with mashed potatoes and vegetables and banana cream pie!), but it seems like I still have a bit of growing to do, as they have a tendency to slip down every time I walk.

My next doctor's appointment is next week and I'm hoping he tells me that Baby is exactly the perfect size, in spite of everyone's reaction of "Are you sure you're pregnant? You don't look pregnant…” Even the ultrasound technician didn't seem convinced until the images popped up on the screen. Time to grow, Spud (just not too big...or we'll have some major issues in about 4 months!)

On a fun note, I went to my first rugby game this past weekend. It was a beautiful fall day - Sunny and 70s! In October! In Minnesota! However, after watching the game - and seeing 2 players go to the hospital with ugly dislocations - I vowed that the sidelines is the closest Spud will ever get to this game.

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