Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving in North Carolina

Thanksgiving was again spent with my side of the family this year. But unlike last year (the entire family spent a week together in Orlando...I love the sun!!), none of the older kids made the trip with us. Instead, we got to spend lots of time with the youngest half of the family - including Leah (who was on break from App State). It's great to see that not a whole lot changes between visits - if you don't count the fact that Ty grew about 6 inches and Leah picked up a new hair style.

Patrick and I flew into North Carolina on Thanksgiving Day - which meant I got to watch the always-corny (but never-missed) Macy's Day Parade before we left. In addition to my immediate family, my Aunt Dale and her family and my grandma were also there. Sadly, my grandma came down with pneumonia the day after we arrived and since Patrick (rightfully so) banned me from entering the hospital, I didn't get to see her as much as I had hoped.

Thanksgiving dinner, howeverm was yummy, as always - and I took full advantage of the miniature-sized baby in my belly to have seconds (or maybe thirds...) of everything!

My dad's side of the family was also in NC, staying at my aunt's lovely lake home. All of us girls headed up there on Friday for an afternoon of eating and gift opening.

#1 highlight: strawberry jello pretzel dish

#2 highlight: adorable baby gifts!

Patrick and I returned home with 2 new extra large suitcases full of baby gifts and clothes (thank you EVERYONE - I'm overwhelmed by your generosity and thoughtfulness!), an acute need for closet organizers and hangers for the baby room, and a larger baby belly than when we left!

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