Monday, September 29, 2008

18 Weeks Today!

Today I'm officially 18 weeks pregnant. Oh god.

That means that in 2 weeks I'll be half done with this pregnancy (God- willing!!). And while I've definitely put my time in online looking at all the pretty baby things and reading all the happy baby stories, I'm still not actually convinced that I myself will - in just 22 weeks...oh God! - have one of my own.

Here's hoping Patrick is taking care of all the details. (hahahaha)

I'll be posting pictures later this week - I know you can't wait!

In the meantime, I've taken up crocheting again. I've found that it happily distracts me from eating entire bags of Oreos at one sitting. Plus, it'll give me something warm to wrap the little potato in come March. Did I mention that's in 22 weeks? Or that right now it's actually the size of a baked potato? In reality, 22 weeks is plenty of time. This blanket I'm working on will cover my entire bed by then!

One last thought for you think that those annoying people realize that they're annoying too? I was watching E! Fashion Police critique the of the Emmys and some of the "experts" were so incredibly hard to listen to that I wondered...maybe that's what they're going for? Maybe they actually get annoyed by themselves sometimes too, but remind themselves, hey, annoying is who I am and what I do. I have to talk like this because if I don't no one will know I'm worth listening to. Whatever. It appears to work for them, as they're on TV weighing in on the fashions of the rich and famous. And getting paid to do so. I'm just jealous.

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